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Allen Oren producer and director

Allen Oren is a full-time professor of Journalism and long-time working journalist, first in print, including a stint as Entertainment Editor of USA TODAY, then in broadcast, recently winning an Emmy for a series on the history of Madison Square Garden and an Emmy nomination for a documentary on the topic.  He has been a movie and theater critic on TV and in newspapers in New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington, and Charlotte, and he worked as a magazine journalist for four years in Israel.  He is a long-time student of Jewish history and religion.


David Thaler technical manager and videographer

David Thaler has more than 20 years of production experience in TV and film, including work with CNN, PBS, ABC, NBC, Fox News, E! Entertainment, News 12, Discovery, and WE.  He has received Emmy awards for both editing and producing, and he heads the Long Island-based Thaler Films production company. 


Chris Thaler director of photography

Chris Thaler has 17 years experience as a director of photography and producer, including work with CNN, Fox News, E! Entertainment, PBS, ABC, NBC, and News 12.  He has been nominated for an Emmy for outstanding cinematography.


Bob Kalfur editor

Bob Kalfur has 18 years of editing and producing experience, including stints at CNN, Fox News, E! Entertainment, PBS, ABC, NBC, Discovery, and News 12.


Michael Gower graphic designer

Michael Gower is a motion graphics designer with more than 18 years experience.  He has produced graphics for corporations, political campaigns, awards shows and broadcast television. 


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